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The Crossover Car Today is the holiday and yearly guide to all of the latest news about crossover cars and car/SUV hybrid vehicles. Crossovers are a new and exciting vehicle type that combines the best elements of the SUV with the handling and fuel economy of a car. Crossovers have evolved over the last few years, and the 2011 and 2012 models are showing they can stand on their own even against newly updated SUVs and sedans.

The Crossover Car Today is published once a year and released around Christmas. Put together by leaders in the automotive journalism industry, the Guide is one of the best ways to learn about new crossover trends as well as exciting new trends in the car world.

In addition to the crossover guide, this year’s issue also includes an exciting new insert that highlights the best in new automotive technology with a preview of the upcoming hybrid cars. Hybrid cars offer drivers the ability to get extraordinary fuel mileage from just a few gallons of gas. In addition to hybrids being the newest generation of cars, there are also several hybrid crossovers also being released in the coming year.

If you’re a car lover, or if you know someone who is obsessed about cars, the Crossover Car Today is the perfect gift. With exciting information about everything from crossovers to hybrids to sedan/SUV hybrids, this is the best way to celebrate a brand new season of exciting cars and crossovers.

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Recent Testimonials

“I’ve ordered the Crossover Car Today the last two years and it is basically an encyclopedia for information about crossover cars. The amount of detail that the Crossover Car Today goes into is astounding. If you like cars, this is a great read.”
Alan, Wichita, KS

“I got the 2010 Crossover Car Today for my husband and he loved it. We don’t own a crossover, but he is such a car freak that he loved reading about everything that was coming out the next year.”
Kaitlyn, Flagstaff, AZ